About Habitat for Humanity

General Questions


1) Does Habitat give away homes?


Habitat for Humanity does NOT give away homes.  Habitat sells homes to families at the fair market value but instead offers assistance that provides a “hand up, not a hand out”.  Each homeowner contributes at least 250 hours of their time towards building their home, and the homes of other Habitat families.  This replaces the requirement of a cash down payment and helps install pride of ownership in the family. Habitat holds the mortgage for the home.  Our mortgages do not charge interest and the payments required are based on the families ability to pay, not a fixed amortization.  These payments are determined annually and are set at 25% of the families Gross Household Income, payable monthly, and cover payment against the principal owing, property taxes and household insurance.


2) How do I apply for a Habitat home?


 Please review the "Families" section of our website to find out more. After reviewing How to Apply, please contact Habitat's Family Services Manager: Kristine Dearlove - 519-747-0664 Ext. 236 or email kdearlove@hfhwr.ca for more information.


3) What happens if the family wishes to sell their home?


Life brings changes to Habitat’s families, as it does to all of us.  Our mortgages give us the right to repurchase the home at the fair market value prevailing when one of our families wishes to sell.  The family will always receive in payment the money they have paid against the mortgages principal balance, less costs standard in any sale.  But what about any capital appreciation – the increase in value between the time the family bought the home and the time of its resale?   In the first 5 years of the mortgage, the family has to give Habitat 100% of the capital appreciation.  For sales in year six, the family retains 10% of the capital appreciation, 20% in year seven, etc.   After 15 years, the family retains all equity it has built up, and all capital appreciation in the value of the house.





1) I am interested in volunteering on the build site. How do I sign up?


Signing up for volunteer activities begins by creating an account on Habitat Waterloo's "Build Sign Up" site. After you have received a confirmation email,  login and view the available build dates. Select a date that works well with your schedule. Once this is complete, HFHWR's Manager of Volunteers, Janine Ajie, will follow up with you.


2) Do you have to be a specific age to volunteer for Habitat Waterloo?

For safety sake, all build volunteers must be at least 18 years old. There are other volunteer opportunities that may be available in the office and ReStores. If you would like more information please contact Manager of Volunteers, Janine Ajie at 519-747-0664 x 223 or jajie@hfhwr.ca


3) What volunteer positions are currently needed and/or available?

For current build volunteer opportunities please visit our "Build Sign Up" site, or contact Manager of Volunteers, Janine Ajie at 519-747-0664 x 223 or jajie@hfhwr.ca


Habitat's ReStore


1) Can I shop at the ReStore?


Yes, the ReStore is open to the public.


2) Where are Habitat's local ReStores?


Waterloo: 120 Northfield Dr. E.  Waterloo    (519) 747-0664 x 221 Monday to Friday Friday 9:00am-5:30pm, Sat. 9:00am-4:00pm
200 Preston Parkway, Cambridge (519) 653-5666 Monday to Friday 9:30am-6:00pm, Sat 9:30am-5:00pm


For a list of all ReStores in Canada please visit: http://www.habitat.ca/en/community/restores/location


3) What do you sell?


The ReStore sells new and gently used building material, furniture, cabinets, hardware, electrical, plumbing and more!


4) Where does your product come from?


Everything in the ReStore is donated by homeowners and businesses in Waterloo Region.


5) How do I donate?


Donations can be dropped off at the ReStore during business hours.  Call the ReStore and we will be able to answer any questions about the items you wish to donate.


6) Do you take everything?


We are grateful for all offers of donations, however, due to overstock, age or condition of items we do not accept everything.  Please call the store if you have a question about your donation.


7) Do you pick-up donations?


If your items are too big we can arrange to pick them up during normal business hours Monday – Friday.  Pickups are curbside only.  While we try to screen all donations at the time the appointment is made the ReStore driver may refuse the donation if it is not suitable or accessible. Call for details.


8) Do you deliver purchases?


Delivery of larger items to curbside can be arranged if necessary.  Delivery charges will apply.



8) Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, we can issue a tax receipt for your donation.  Please call the ReStore for details.



9) Are you part of Habitat for Humanity?

The ReStore is operated by Habitat for Humanity and supports Habitat's home building program by offsetting administrative and operational costs.



10) How do I volunteer at the ReStore?

Please contact Rob Snider, Director of ReStore Operations or Manager of Volunteers, Janine Ajie at 519-747-0664 x 223 to discuss volunteer opportunities in the ReStore.